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Thinking of Retirement?

Or are you already retired?

Retirement is the season in your life where you can finally take a step back and enjoy the fruits of your lifelong labors.  Many prepare well for retirement; however, most of us fail to look beyond retirement and what happens to us as we get older.

Almost everyone knows someone who is a "young 80" or an "old 50." 

Most American seniors have embraced aging and they're living their best lives.

Good preparation will help the best years yet to come for you.

As we age, we face different issues and there are so many solutions.  Call me for information on senior issues for you or your aging parent.  I can help with:

-  Where to start

-  Downsizing, right sizing and purging

-  Leasing vs. owning

-  Active adult communities to assisted living

-  Multigenerational Living

-  Using pensions, 401(k) accounts and IRAs in real estate transactions

Planning Your Senior Years

According to AARP, most people aged 50-plus would like to age in place.  That means they want to stay in the home they live in today.  I call it "living in place."  We want to live independently, comfortably in our familiar surroundings.  By planning and preparing we can face old age head on with no fear.  Preparation also helps us control unexpected changes in health or life circumstances.

3 Ways to Prep for Multigenerational Living

The number of parents and adult children choosing to live under one roof is on the rise. Multigenerational living comes with many benefits for families, but also can create some challenges. If you are considering moving in with a family member, here are three ways you can prepare for an easier transition:

1. Start on the same page
Have an open talk about your expectations.

2. Check-in regularly

Checking in regularly with your adult child or senior
parent gives each person in the household a chance to
voice their thoughts

3. Come up with an end game

If living together is not a permanent solution, work together to make an “exit plan” that everyone in the home understands.

Need Help?
Call an Expert!

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The fine print:  Radovich Real Estate, LLC is very particular about organizations that are recommended on this list.  Radovich Real Estate LLC does not guarantee the quality or performance of any of the listed organizations.  Neither me or my firm is responsible for any referred expert’s ability, availability, reliability or performance. You will need to carefully evaluate them to see if they meet your personal needs.  The included organizations are listed as a convenience - their inclusion here is not an endorsement.

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