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The Myth of the Perfect Home

You can find a home that fits you, but the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood probably doesn’t exist. Even people who have designed and built their ‘dream home’ find things they wish they had done differently once they start living in it.

Here are a few owner comments I’ve heard:

“There is no room to move in the pass-through between the laundry room and the garage; never again will I have a laundry room that is not its own separate room.”

“No coat closet, there is nowhere to store a vacuum or even a broom. Builders make a huge master bedroom with a huge master bath, but the closets are way too small. ”

“I mostly love my home and location, but I hate that you have to go through the master bath to get to the closet.”

“Where’s the storage? There is no linen closet, no hall closet, and no coat closet.”

My advice is to search neighborhoods you like to find a well-built home -- one that feels inviting when you walk into it, has some features that you love, and you can see yourself living there. When you find the house that only needs a few touches to make it your own, then you’re home.

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